Got MBA Fear?

The decision to apply to a top business school, or any ‘ b school’ for that matter can be a pretty scary one. When I first started doing my research, I wasn’t looking at the top notch schools quite yet. In fact, I was looking at third-tier schools, and then moved up to second-tier and then top-tier MBA programs.I have three words for you: Mind your business

What everyone else is doing with themselves is none of your business. The more you focus on what your competition is doing, the more you’re going to freak yourself out. Just work and focus on YOU!

I found myself more relaxed when I ignored the competition. It became a bit easier to clear my mind and study for the GMAT, write essays, carry on conversations with other prospects, etc. Don’t worry about everyone! I know it’s a competitive process but you don’t have to drive yourself nuts. It already takes big guts to consider applying to business school. Take that confidence that you already have and harness it.

So as you’re thinking about applying or are already in the process of applying to business school, change your attitude about yourself and start thinking positively.

Sure, getting into business school is tough but you don’t need to turn into lifetime agony.

After all, you never know what happens. online mba hk Whatever you do, go for it!

I couldn’t help but fantasize about going to a top 10 business school. Some of these schools have incredible reputations and it just increases your job potential and personal brand by that much more.

However, It took me a while to gain that confidence. I definitely fell victim to the MBA fear.

But why?

Well, the thought of higher education in general has been somewhat foreign to my family, especially since I’m the first in my family to receive a college degree. No one really knows jargon like JD, MD, MPA, let alone MBA.

I don’t come from a white collar family so the thought of going for my Masters in Business Administration bewildered my family. My parents were both in favor of going for a Master’s degree but they were a bit lost as far as what business school would for me.

As I dove into the admissions process, I got asked many times why I was even applying to 7 business schools!

Now that I look back though, dba hong kong there wasn’t anything to be fearful of.

My belief is that if you’re adamant about going to business school and you know what the persona gains are, then I’m here to tell you that you should go for it. Whether it’s the MIT Sloan School of Management, the Simon School of Business, an online MBA, even an EMBA, apply, apply, apply!

You’re your own worst judge in this process and I recall that most of the MBA fear came from my not being competitive enough to apply. I really didn’t think I was that super start that deserved to get into a top notch business school. I didn’t really snap out of it until I started visiting schools and interacting with other prospective students like me. Once I realized that I was as qualified as some of these other folks, I stopped caring about the competition.