Is an MBA Worth It?

India is now the epicenter of excellent management education. The country has a large number of MBA institutions with world-class infrastructure and unparalleled teaching methodology. More and more students are now opting for MBA programs to hone their business skills and thus, grab the best of the best employment opportunities in India and abroad. And yes, many leading global companies are lining up here to hire the best talent.

The second component to working with an distance learning mba essay consulting agency is in dealing with your approach. As a consulting group, these individuals have most likely worked with candidates from all of the schools you want to apply to, or at least know the details to many of them. Because of this, depending on the school you are applying for, you will have a consultant there to help you cater your essay to an approach sure to get you an interview. There are plenty of clichés in the world of MBA applications, so you will need someone to help you avoid those. That works in both style and word choice, as well as in your approach to the essay. You need an approach that is going to match the way your admissions team wants to hear you. If you don’t strike the right tone with your school, they may not think you’re an ideal candidate. So trust a good consulting group to edit your essay and find the approach that will make you a winner, standing out above the competition.

In many cases, getting feedback on your essay will be the thing that turns a strong but unfocused essay into a winning, powerhouse essay that is going to get you into the hot seat for an interview. Instead of simply floundering while you try to find a topic, you can find an agency that helps you develop one matching your goals, interests and philosophy.

A full time MBA program comes as the best solution for all those who want to provide their career a distinct edge. However, if you are a working professional and can not opt for a full time program, there is no need not to worry. In this case, you can opt for an executive or part time MBA program and thus, can enhance your existing skills at your own pace. Thus, you can easily brighten up your chances for job promotions. However, for qualifying for an EMBA, you should possess around 3 to 5 years of job-experience.

Many MBA institutions in India are now coming out with executive or part time MBA programs. Here, the classes are generally conducted in evenings and thus, you can easily study and do your job, without disturbing your daily life. Now, Distance learning degree if you have made up your mind to opt for part time MBA programs, all you need to do is browse through the several online websites of leading MBA institutions and opt for the one which you find the best. A little chat with friends and colleagues can also be of great help. MBA programs are surely one of those very few career options which instantly turn you into hot properties in the global job market.

You certainly have the GPA. You took your GMAT and passed, and you even know which MBA programs you specifically want to go to. There’s only one thing that worries you, and that is the incredibly nerve-wrecking MBA statement of purpose essay. So many people work for a few years in between their undergraduate degree and graduate degree that they are concerned they cannot be the best candidate for their MBA. The fact is, though, with the right consulting agency, you can be the best candidate for the program. You just need somewhere to start, and someone to work with. Thankfully, there are several consulting agencies out here, and the best agencies will help you write a winning MBA statement of purpose essay.

The first thing to understand when writing your essay is that you don’t need to change your competition, and you can’t, but you need to make yourself stand out. Even if you don’t think you’ve done enough in the past, your essay is about showcasing what you have done. Proper MBA essay consulting will mean presenting everything you have done in a positive light. While you are completing all of those applications, you need to be writing essay topics that are both specific to the school you want to go to and to your skills and goals. A good consulting agency will help you brainstorm different ideas that are specific to the school you’re applying to. After that, you’ll write the draft and then they will go through the editing process with you by checking for grammar, style, and content.

With the current financial crisis in full swing and many of the traditional high paying Wall Street type jobs in short supply or even non-existent, many prospective MBA students are asking a simple question; Is it still worth getting an MBA? The answer, like many in life is more complex than it appears but hopefully this article will present some clarity and guidance.

For years students have ruthlessly competed with each other in order to get accepted to one of the top MBA programs in the country and for good reason. Graduates from the top 10 or 20 schools such as Wharton, Harvard, Columbia and Northwestern were virtually guaranteed lucrative job offers for high paying Wall Street jobs in investment banking, sales and trading, research and others. These sought after positions not only had attractive, often six figure starting salaries but the potential to make many times that in bonuses come the end of the year.

With the collapse of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers and the effective nationalization of the remaining investment banks things have changed considerably. Thousands of layoffs have left the remaining employees clinging to their jobs and flooded the workforce with endless streams of qualified, talented job candidates. In addition, compensation packages for the remaining banks have been cut and the federal government seems to be exerting pressure to reign in pay and bonuses even more. In short, the days of the easy money are over.

This year many MBA graduates were jobless upon graduation and the dreams of making millions within a few years out of school were dashed. Thankfully, all hope is not lost. There are still very good opportunities for those that get their MBA. For one thing, for those that relish travelling, one of the trends that has emerged is that graduates from Top American MBA schools are being lured away by foreign companies in exotic financial locales such as Abu Dhabi, Moscow and Zurich.

Around the world, American institutions of higher learning…especially the Ivy League and select top schools are lauded as the best. This international selling point is an oft overlooked opportunity for students here. While a Harvard graduate might be up against Yale, Wharton, Princeton and Columbia graduates for a lone New York City position, in a foreign country that same candidate would face far less stiff competition and in fact might be recruited over simply because of the prestige of his degree.

This ‘talent raiding’, if played properly can reward students with great opportunities. Another trend that makes getting an MBA worth getting is the emergence of new start-ups and entrepreneurial ventures. Many of those laid off from banking jobs in the past year have accumulated a nice stash of money and made the connections with venture capital firms and private investors to go out and create start-up companies.

Those that are savvy networkers can track down alumni from their schools and hook up with exciting cutting edge companies just as they’re starting out in such industries as solar and wind energy, Web 2.0 ventures and various technology and environment start-ups that are receiving investment capital from the Obama administration.